Top 10 To-Dos Before Starting a Financially Successful Business!

Don’t let money stop you from being and doing you.

Money is often the roadblock that stops us from saying yes to things we love and showing up as our most authentic selves.

By becoming more financially confident and secure, money will no longer stand in the way of you being your most Awesome self.

Garrett Philbin (CMC®, AFC® Candidate)

How I Got Here

For 28 years, I didn’t believe I was deserving of money. I thought I couldn’t earn enough to live the life I wanted and that I wasn’t smart enough to create my own path. This led to working at a corporate job I hated for longer than I needed to. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing, but I didn’t have the confidence or financial security to quit.

It took several years of saving, a solid financial plan, going to therapy, having many conversations with supportive friends, and taking multiple leaps of faith, but I eventually quit my corporate job and co-founded my first company. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t pretty, and we did a lot wrong in that first business, but having a financial cushion gave us the breathing room to make the (inevitable) mistakes we needed to learn and grow. And having financial stability allowed me to start three other businesses after that—Deep V Music (RIP), Be Awesome Not Broke (you’re here!) and Financial Coaches Network—and with each new business, I’ve found more alignment with what I love to do and how I want to be showing up for myself and my community.

Now, I have enough money to cover my needs, donate, and take extended road trips. I have confidence in the value I provide and charge accordingly. My financial independence gives me the power to not compromise my values or integrity at work, and to confidently set boundaries around what I do and don’t do.

There are many people in this world who are brilliant, motivated, and talented, while also struggling with money. Not being in control of finances limits autonomy, personal empowerment, and social and economic mobility.

Despite living in a capitalist structure, nobody should have to compromise their values or suppress who they are because of money. No staying in shitty jobs. No staying in shitty relationships. No keeping yourself small because of fear or lack of confidence around money. I want you to be authentically you and follow your own path, confidently and powerfully.

If you no longer want to be trapped because of a lack of money or confidence around it, you’re in the right place.