35 things you need to give up to be successful

By Garrett

Jun 14, 2017

I read an article today that is too good not to share.

I wish I could take credit for writing it. But it’s not always about my awesomeness (oftentimes not)… sometimes it’s highlighting the badassness that someone else has released into the world. And this article falls squarely into that category.

Why is it so worthy of being shared? Because it takes the best concepts I’ve read over the past few years and puts them all in one place (and adds many more). Yes, 35 potentially new concepts for you to digest is a lot. But don’t worry – I don’t expect all, or even most, to stick right off the bat. If just one or two of the 35 resonate with you, it could make a big impact.

Initially, when reading through the article, I wrote down the points I thought would resonate most with you all. However, once I had finished, I realized I’d noted almost half of the 35. Ha! That’s not incredibly helpful now is it?! So, in order to not influence which ones you think are best, and because highlighting my top 14 wouldn’t be that useful anyway, I’ll just share the article and let you decide for yourself 🙂

35 Things You Need To Give Up To Be Successful

Fun side note – at the end you’ll see he highlights the importance of getting your finances in order. His past work has all been around productivity and blogging, so I’m interested in why he’s transitioning into this space and what his goals are. I haven’t had a chance to reach out to him about it yet (I literally read the article then wrote this newsletter) but will email him and ask. Why? Because the article taught me you shouldn’t limit your goals (#19) nor fear failure (#26). So, I’ll reach out to this highly successful writer who seems to share a similar passion for helping people around money, and see where it goes from there!

Let me know what points resonate the most with you, and I promise to keep you posted on what I hear from Mr. Hardy!

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