50 Days On The Road. One Thing I Want To Share.

By Garrett

Sep 30, 2016

*tap* Is this thing on? *tap*

That’s my way of acknowledging that it’s been a minute since I’ve written you guys. And a lot has happened since I shared my thoughts from the first 10 days of the road trip, which incidentally just ended.

I’m back in New York City, sitting in my apartment and trying to decide how to summarize what I just lived. For the past 30 minutes my fingers have been poised for action, ready to detail everything currently racing through my brain. I mean, if I could write a list of 10 things I learned in the first 10 days, I could inundate the shit out of you with what I discovered in 50.

Yet rather than going big, let’s do the opposite. If I could only share one thing, what single learning could help you live your most Awesome, badass life right now?

Here it is:

There is nothing standing in the way of you being exactly who you want to be right now and living a purposeful, meaningful life.

Dang. I should be writing Hallmark cards. It sounds super cliché, but I believe it. And here’s why.

I just traveled through 10 states in seven weeks while running a business, visiting old friends, making new ones and exploring badass national parks. How? Because I just decided to do it.

What is stopping me from building more of the friendships I want – ones rooted in trust, vulnerability and a healthy dose of immaturity? Nothing. I simply need to model that behavior myself.

I could find my better half tomorrow if I decided to stop listening to that voice reinforcing my insecurities and telling me I’m not good enough for her.

And on the business front? I could exponentially increase the impact I’m having if I reached out to people who are already willing to help, but are waiting for someone to lead and show them how to join in on the Awesome.

This doesn’t mean your or I can have everything I want right when I want it. I won’t be a millionaire by next year, or take an around-the-world adventure next week. But I will someday. And to be honest, if along the way I’m living a life that’s authentic, full of meaning and overflowing with shenanigans, then those actual goals almost don’t matter. Someone may have said this before, but it’s about the journey, not the destination.

The sense of freedom this statement has given me is incredible. It’s like I discovered the level warp in Super Mario Bros, but for my life. I didn’t jump all the way to level 9 mind you, but definitely found the pipes to take me to 2-4.

So how can you start practicing this without dropping your life and gallivanting around the U.S. for 50 days?

Set aside some time within the next week to sit down in a quiet place – no phone, no TV, no distractions. We rarely take time to simply be with ourselves (I sure wasn’t doing so before this trip). Now allow your thoughts to go to a place in your life where you feel unhappy or stuck. It doesn’t have to be anything major, just an area where you would like things to be different.

Once you know what that thing is, sit with the emotions of how you feel about it. Be with the frustration, anger, insecurity or fear that comes up. Stay with those feelings for a while – 5, 10, 15 minutes. Really feel them in your body. Afterwards, ask yourself why those feelings came up and what you will do different in the future to create a new outcome. Then commit to acting differently next time. It may work at first, it may not. But that’s beside the point. You will have moved ever so slightly away from being passive towards being more proactive. You’ll have showed yourself that you can create the life you want rather than seeing yourself as a victim of your circumstances. It may seem small now but trust me, it’s these little building blocks that lay the foundation for a life of Awesomeness.

If you feel like sharing what you discover about yourself through this exercise, hit reply and share away! Hopefully this goes without saying, but I would obviously love to hear from you.

Garry Potter

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