A Life, Career And Newsletter Update

By Garrett

Sep 2, 2015

Hi friend,

This note will be a little different than the fare I normally send for the newsletter. There have been some changes/happenings on my end, both personally and career wise, so I want to take a few minutes and bring you up to speed.

First off, in career news: I’m transitioning out of the music business and into financial planning! Over the past four months it’s become clear that my heart is in teaching, coaching and personal finance, so I decided to pull the trigger and pursue what really excites me. I begin classes later this month and am on the hunt for a job/internship. I have my work cut out for me in the short term, but am stoked to be heading in a new and exciting direction!

On the newsletter side of things there will be changes as well. I started this with the intention of helping people live awesome lives by better understanding their finances. And that’s still the goal. But I also love entrepreneurship, personal development, mindfulness, discussing failure…things that actually often come up when talking about money. Therefore I’m going to incorporate more of those topics and how they relate to finances moving forward. It’s not that I’m bored discussing personal finance (see career choice above) – I simply have many other passions and experiences that I believe can help people as well by sharing.

For example – many people my age I’ve talked to say they eventually want to start their own business or side-hustle. Well, I quit my stable corporate job two years ago and co-founded a small business with two friends, so have a unique perspective on that. I can share how I did a really poor job of balancing work, friends and family, and what I learned from it. I can share both how much fun, and how maddeningly hard it was. Or explain that losing money over the past two years in exchange for that experience has been the best investment I ever made. These topics are important to my generation as we work to build rich lives for ourselves – financially, professionally and personally. So, I’m going to talk about them.

This will widen the focus of the newsletter from what I originally advertised. If you think you’ll find these additional topics interesting, please stick around and continue to hit reply. This whole newsletter thing works because of your great feedback, input and insights. And if this new stuff turns out not to be your bag, please feel no obligation to stay subscribed. We will still be besties.

Much love,
Gare BNB

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