Better Late Than Never…

By Garrett

Nov 6, 2015

Guys, I have a blog!

But first… please watch this 1 minute video of Bill O’Reily flipping out on set (NSFW btw). Trust me, it is both funny. And relevant.

There’s a great lesson there, and it’s not just that Bill isn’t very good at handling change. Maybe that’s why he and Barack Obama never get along….

What it taught me is that you’re never going to feel 100% ready. But that’s normal. Recognize it, accept it and then say “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!” and release it out into the world.

And so it goes with my new blog, Be Awesome, Not Broke! It’s a place where people can actually sign up for my newsletter, where I can start sharing video and articles, and a foundation on which to build my brand.

It’s exciting – I want to enjoy this new creation and celebrate its existence!
But I also need to admit something, which hopefully you all can learn from.

I promised myself I’d have my blog up two months ago.

Creating the blog wasn’t a lofty or difficult goal. It’s a basic site serving a basic purpose: to house my previous newsletters and allow people to sign up for future ones.

But then my ego joined the party. And there weren’t enough party hats. So I had to run to the store to get more. Which apparently took two months…

Anywho, it’s scary to try something new, and the blog is another way of making myself publicly vulnerable. I found myself thinking:
“What if I make it and the internet collectively shrugs?”
“More importantly, what if people I know and love don’t really care?”
“What if I don’t have anything valuable to share and people don’t think I’m interesting?”

That internal narrative reminds me of the Mark Twain quote “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” And so with all those thoughts swirling in my head, I invented a bunch of really great ways to really put it off.

How? Well, I hired a guy to create the cartoon-art for the site which helped me push back the date. Then I thought it couldn’t be just a blog but had to be “My Website”, meaning I had to know what my service offerings are, have an awesome About page, etc… all of which allowed me to push the date back even further.

Oh, and since my site had to be awesome, I definitely needed to start working with a graphic designer, get some branding help so everything across the site matched in terms of colors, design, vibe, etc.

Looking back, there was some obvious cart-before-the-horse putting. But the reason I let it get so bad was because I lost sight of my purpose for the site/blog: to house my previous newsletters, allow people to sign up for them and share relevant articles/videos.

That’s it.

By trying to make the website be more than it needed to be, I let my insecurities distract me from the real work and purpose.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like my blog – I love it! It is exactly what it needs to be right now, and that’s a beautiful thing. I also know it will be something else in three months, in six months…hell, I might even have an entirely different website by then! But not today and that’s okay. Because honestly, the people whose lives I help won’t give a shit if my first website was great or sucked. They’ll just be glad I put it out there, got it done, and moved on with helping them become financially free and live their most awesomest of lives.

U.S. Gareways

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