Money on its own will not buy you freedom

By Garrett

Aug 4, 2017

Question time:

How often do you use money as the excuse for why you aren’t doing what you want?

Damn near every day I meet someone who has stayed in a job they hate or talked themselves out of doing what they really want because they felt they didn’t have enough money. The story they tell themselves is “once I have enough money I can finally have the freedom/time/etc. to live the life I want”.

Fun fact: I used to think the same. It’s what kept me at Sony Music for two years in a job I hated, rather than take the leap to start a music production company with two awesome friends. Yes, I eventually quit Sony and joined them, but there were costs to that delay in terms of my happiness, sanity and well being.

You know what that leap of faith led to? It helped me realize I actually didn’t love the music business. What I really loved was running a small business and working one-on-one with people. And it got me to where I am today – the owner of a business I love and living a life that’s getting more awesomer (yes, that’s a word) every day.

Here’s the thing: money won’t buy you the freedom you want if you don’t actively pursue that freedom before you have the money. If I had waited until I felt “secure” enough before quitting to co-found the music production company, I’d probably still be waiting. That’s because it’s human nature to feel like we never have enough, never are enough, or are ever ready to “take the leap”.


Freedom > Money

Last week I connected with a friend who also runs his own location independent business, and we realized something interesting. While we each currently take home less than we’ve made in some previous jobs (damn you, business, for making me reinvest in you!!), our lifestyles are almost exactly what we want them to be. Somehow we’ve been able to achieve “the lifestyle” despite earning less.

For example – he’s currently living in Peru for a few months while I’m reconnecting with nature in San Luis Obispo, CA for the summer. On our call we talked for 90 minutes about work, life, the balance, the struggle…and no-one told us to “get back to work!”. We discussed how fortunate we are to have autonomy, flexibility and the freedom to focus on what we want, when we want, and how that wouldn’t exist in a “day job”.

Yet this is only our reality because we decided freedom and autonomy are the most important things, and took the leap to start our businesses before we felt ready. Personally, I believe making more money is the easy part. If I continue to have happy clients, money will never be a problem. The hardest part was (and still is) believing that I can have a life of freedom, purpose, and happiness, today.


What to do if your life currently = Freedom

If money is the roadblock keeping you from doing what you want – traveling the world, quitting your job, investing in your happiness – think about where that money fear comes from. Think about what life would look like if you stopped putting off doing things that would give you freedom and a sense of purpose.

This type of work – helping people get from point A to point B-eing Awesome – is exactly what I help my clients with. Together, we dive into their goals, priorities, fears and roadblocks, and put together a plan for how they’ll use their money to achieve their goals/priorities.

But you don’t have to be a client to have me as a sounding board. If you’re feeling stuck and stressed because of money, then do these three things:

  1. Gather the thoughts/feelings you’re currently experiencing
  2. Write down what you wish were your reality instead, and
  3. Schedule a free 15-minute call with me to talk about it.

It’ll be just you and me, our two beautiful faces over video chat, working together to help you get un-stuck, un-stressed and moving toward a more purposeful, awesome life.

Schedule your free 15-minute chat.

We only get one shot at this beautiful, challenging and incredible thing called life. Here’s to doing more things that scare the hell out of us, but ultimately make it one worth living.

The Garest Maiden of Them All

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