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The 5 steps to building a budget that doesn’t suck

By Garrett

Mar 1, 2017

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “how can I make a budget that I actually stick with?”

Most people have tried to budget before, and nearly all of them have been unable to consistently stick with it. What’s worse is that when they inevitably fall off the wagon, they see themselves as the failure – “I can never keep track of things for more than a few weeks” or “I inherently suck at numbers” – rather than question whether it’s the tool or approach that isn’t serving them. If a majority of people struggle to succeed at something are those people inherently failures, or could it be they’ve been taught to go about it the wrong way? I imagine it’s not hard to see where I stand with that rhetorical question :).

Which is why I made a short video that explains the 5 Steps to Building a Budget That Doesn’t Suck. Becoming a Level 10 Money Master doesn’t happen by simply building a budget, tracking your expenses into eternity and living happily ever after. It starts with understanding why you want money in the first place, getting clear on where you’re currently at, where you’d like to be headed (setting goals), outlining a plan to making it happen and then picking the right tool to get you there.

If learning more about that gets you all fired up and full of financial feels, go check out the video!



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  1. Lauren Tanksley

    This is fantastic! I love how you explain budgeting and make it fun!


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