Top 10 To-Dos Before Starting a Financially Successful Business!

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New Client Pause to Find My Awesome


Thank you for your interest in potentially working together!

At this time I am not taking on new clients, but if you would like me to reach out to you once I am, please fill out the brief form below.

I’m stepping back to give myself space to re-discover what an Awesome life looks like for me, and fundamentally change my relationship with work.

I, like many I know, have allowed work to occupy more time and headspace than is healthy and it’s time for a change. I’m ready to figure out what the heck my life looks like with less work, more joy, more laughter, more adventure, and more Awesome 🕺🏻

Thank you again for considering reaching out, and if you’d like me to connect with you once I’m back, please fill out the brief form below!

Step One

Schedule a Free Consultation

Set up a free 30-minute call to discuss your financial challenges, wants, and goals. Ask questions and be heard without judgment, jargon, or shame.

You won’t be asked to make a decision on the call, and you won’t be pressured with a “limited time offer.”

I’m here to support your goals and vision—not sell you investments or products.

  • No commissions
  • No product sales
  • No referral fees

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Next Steps


Complete the Questionnaire

After scheduling your initial consultation you will be asked to answer questions that will provide context around why you’re reaching out, your goals, challenges, and more.

These questions will help frame our initial conversation, so take time to answer them thoroughly and thoughtfully.


Decide if I’m the Best Fit for You

I won’t ask for a decision on our call; it’s important you take at least a day to decide if you’d like to move forward.

After our call, I’ll email you any resources, referrals, or program details we talked about during our meeting, and, after a mutually agreed upon amount of time—usually 24–48 hours—you can let me know if you’d like to work together.