Point your compass towards fear

By Garrett

Nov 10, 2016

If Alanis Morissette were to read what I’m about to share with you, she’d say “yeah, I have a song for that.”

While on my road trip I recorded a video about fear, and why it’s important to do things that scare you. Funny enough, it’s taken me nearly two months to share it. So, without further ado:



Can you tell why I didn’t want to share it? I can. My thoughts aren’t always complete. I ramble. The audio sucks at the end. But are those really reasons to be scared to share it? Why did I feel this sense of fear to put it out in the world?

Fear is a funny thing. We used to be scared of panthers and snakes and tigers and shit that could eat our faces off. You know, rational fears. Now, at least as privileged people in a first world country, we’ve come to fear some pretty irrational things: public speaking, looking stupid, gluten (guilty!), being on video, etc.

Fear obviously also shows up around money. We are afraid to talk about money because we don’t want to sound stupid, don’t want to share how little or how much we have, we feel like our self-worth = their net worth, we’re scared that people will discover we have no idea what the eff we are doing, etc. And because we carry fear around about money, we are scared to take action when we feel we don’t know 100% exactly what to do. We think we need perfection when actually all we need is the courage to get started and take that first step.

By never taking that first step, never sharing our vulnerabilities around money, and shying away from the conversations that scare us, we do ourselves a huge disservice. Not only that, we do others a disservice because they may be in the same exact place we are but are looking to someone to step up and be vulnerable first.

If you feel fear around money, whether it’s because of how little you have, or how little you know, let me help.

  • If you want to take that first step towards tackling your money sh*t but are more of a DIYer, then go ahead and check out my Be Awesome and Not Broke Guide! It’s chalk full of information and action items, you can work at your own speed, and you’ll finally be giving fear the finger while starting to show your money who’s boss.
  • If you are the type of person who likes human help, then give me a ring. Seriously. I don’t bite, I’m bitchin’ at what I do, and the first (hour) call is free. Just you and me, mano y (wo)mano, going over your money sh*t and how to tackle it. And if you find our time super helpful and are interested in working together, I still have two slots open for December to help you kick off the New Year with purpose and intention. Who wouldn’t want to give themselves the most practical and awesome gift of all time – financial and emotional wellness?! It’s much better than socks.

Don’t let fear get the best of you anymore. Whether it’s financial fear, the fear of looking stupid, or any other fear for that matter, start facing it and take away its power. It will be scary at first, uncomfortable and probably engage your fight/flight response. But remember, no matter how fearful you feel, it probably won’t kill you. That idea is more comforting than you might think.

PS – and on a culturally relevant note, remember: just as sure as paper beats rock, love will beat fear. Every. Single. Time.

With love,
Lions, Tigers, and Gares

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